Mexican, Honduran & Puerto Rican Food Truck in MD, VA & D.C.

Food trucks are a great way to make dishes from various cultures more accessible to people who haven’t tried them. When the people who make those dishes embody the culture in all they do, you can taste the difference.

Maria’s Kitchen is a food truck that serves authentic Mexican, Honduran, and Puerto Rican food. We travel all throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C., sharing some of our favorite dishes.

Who We Are

Maria’s Kitchen is led by a husband-and-wife team with roots in Los Angeles, Mexico, Honduras and Puerto Rico. We take pride in our culture, and a large part of that is represented through our cuisine. We have spent decades cooking (and eating!) Mexican, Honduran, and Puerto Rican food, and we approach every meal we make with great passion and attention to detail.

We believe this love and passion helps to create the best, most authentic food experience for our customers. We’ve traveled abroad and across America to get inspiration for our dishes, just to bring them back to the DMV area and share them with you. The result is a menu that’s authentic to the cultures we embody, yet unique to our style and experiences.

Our dishes are made using homemade tortillas and the freshest ingredients. Whether you’re enjoying a night out with the family, a first date, corporate event luncheon, or a quick bite on your own, there’s something for everyone at Maria’s Kitchen.

Whenever you’re craving an authentic Honduran, Mexican, and Puerto Rican meal, Maria’s Kitchen has you covered. Visit our food truck today for authentic cuisine that will blow you away!